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April 4, 2018 
Dear HD Friends and Families,
As we celebrate Spring, the HD community is grateful for the significant progress in research that is moving more rapidly than any other time since the discovery of the gene in 1993.  The latest news comes from Scotland--
A cure for Huntington’s disease is within reach, according to Dr Ed Wild, one of the world’s leading HD researchers into the degenerative neurological condition. At the annual Scottish Huntington’s Association (SHA) conference Wild said--
 “In my career working with HD I’ve never been more excited. Not only is research into effective treatment making real progress, but the way the condition is perceived has changed...”
“When I first started working with HD patients … people did not want to talk about it. Now people are signing up for worldwide clinical trials and openly sharing their stories to increase understanding…”
The latest drugs in development aim to reduce production of the faulty protein created by the genetic change that causes HD. The treatment aims to allow the brain to repair damaged cells; it is hoped this will have the effect of slowing down the rate that symptoms develop. 

HDSA is working closely with Dr. Wild and Dr. Jeff Carroll, co-founders of HD Buzz.  The Human Biology Project at HDSA is an important part of the ongoing worldwide research effort. We are appealing to you to support the search for a cure.
Your gift will help the scientists stop this devastating disease.  Please join me and other HDSA Northern California Board Members by making a donation today.

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We thank you for your continued support.  

Martha Lehman